Project Books (“P”) are now available to members during production, with new content added on a regular basis.

  • Horses and Ponies of the World Coloring Book

    Find the rare and endangered world horse breeds as you color your way through pages of horses.

  • A to Zebra Coloring Book

    Learn about common, rare and endangered horse breeds straight from the guardians and breeders.

  • In Search of World Equine Breeds

    Through puzzles, word challenges, vocabulary, and more, these books will amaze and inspire you as we search and find some of the world’s rarest horses.

  • Black Beauty for Creative Horse-Loving Readers

    Creative Workbook Collection Presents Black Beauty by, Anna Sewell. Full of illustrations, word puzzles, history, and TRUE EQ.

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  • Learn how the World Equine Breeds Project helps support organizations and breeders of rare and endangered horses around the world.

  • Books are updated and revised as we get credible TRUE EQ from organizations and breeders around the world.

  • Once the revisions are made, the book will be updated in your own membership library. All for a one-time contribution of $47.

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We Got You Covered

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